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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paki Wife Sex With Husband Friend

This story and video is sent by a blog reader. A Paki house wife Having sex with her husband's friend in husband's absence can be seen in this hot video. Let's proceed to this story in his own words. I'm Shahid from Rawalpindi. I'm working in a private company and Jamshed (Name changed) is one of my best friends. We both have good family relationship. Our wives are also good friends and we often visit each other especially on saturday/sunday. He is my family friend past 3 years and a great level of friendship between us and our families is there. Let me tell you how I fucked his wife in this friendship.

Jamshed's wife, Sara is a 35 Years old gorgeous lady. She's educated, bold and quite liberal. They have 3 kids but she had maintained herself and she never looks aged. She's sexier like a busty milf and she catches attentions of every male easily. As Jamshed and his wife sara started visiting our house and we also started visiting them, I noticed that Sara is quite bold (unlike the majority of women in our society). She pretends very confident while talking to men and I have often seen her behaving stylish in-front of other men, making styles and such acts (while passing nearby them or talking to her kids when men are around). So, this was an encouraging factor for me to approach her.

Anyhow, As soon as our friendship started building they often visited us (they were not living far away, just a mile away from us). A few times she came to our house alone or anyone of her kid. We have no kids yet at that time. A few times when she was in our house, she talked to me boldly without hesitation. she never shown shyness talking to me (although she called me 'Bhai ' (brother) those days). One thing, I observed that she doesn't do it when my wife is there. So, I could easily guess that she wants some extra-marital fun but she also wants that with secrecy and safety.

After 5-6 months of our family friendship, We started behaving like a girlfriend/boyfriend and I often passed a smile after looking into her eyes. Still, she called me 'Bhai' while talking but her eye contact was passing some other information. Once, Luckily I was in the market parking when Jamshed and his wife came there but Jamshed didn't noticed me. When I looked at her and kept on looking into her eye's, she smiled and then I also passed a smile and then waved my hand slightly (without getting noticed by Jamshed) and she responded with a smile again.

Our affair has been started so I got her number from my wife's mobile. I sent her a text next day. To which I got no reply. I sent another message from my secret sim card (Which Jamshed or My wife doesn't knew). After 3-4 messages of 'HI' only, I got a response and she asked me who was I. I thought a lot and then I decided to make it clear through a phone call. I sent her sms that I will call her at night. She asked me to call during day time. I guessed that she wants to talk to me in the day when kids and her husband is not at home. So I agreed her to call.

Next day I called her, And without telling my name I first told her that she impressed me a lot. She laughed and confidently said that where I have seen her, first tell me your introduction. Then, I took a firm promise from her that she would never tell anyone about me. I was sure that she won't tell it to her husband but yet I have to take the promise. After getting a promise, I told her that I'm Shahid Bhabhi. She said; Bhai sharm karain, (Brother feel shame) but I knew, it was just a formality as she has shown me enough approval of welcome through her eye contacts.

Anyhow, We talked for about 5-6 minutes and I kept on taking promises from her about my call and sms that she shouldn't reveal it before my wife or Jamshed. Next day, Jamshed was normal to me and after weekend, they both visited us and nothing happened abnormal. All that means, she was willing to do extra-marital fun with me. That day, I asked Jamshed 'If you have no issue let's take lunch together? We had good friendship so Jamshed smiled and said; What's problem in this, No Issue. This was our first lunch in which we both husbands and wives sat together on the same table for lunch. In past, we had lunch like men having lunch in one room while ladies having in other room.

I was not in a hurry so it took another 2-3 months before I could fuck her. I often sent her messages on her cell phone and she replied me everytime. Then, Finally we decided to meet for sex. She asked me to visit her house during the office time but I though it unsafe. So I asked her that, I could leave my wife on Aunt's house for 2-3 hours and If she can come to our house. She agreed for that.

A day before meeting, I took a leave from office and told Jamshed that I have to visit relatives with my wife. At night, I made a plan with my wife to visit Aunt's house next day and she was very happy (She never knew what's the real fuck was). The next day, me and my wife went to aunt's house and during that, I made an excuse that I have some work outside so I'm coming back. I left my wife there and told her that I will pick her on return. She was agreed to it. I came back and Sara appeared just 10 minutes later.

I didn't wanted to wait so I fucked her in my house. This was my first awesome sex encounter with a Paki wife of my friend.    

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